15 June 2011

National Dog Reserve

Isn't Kenfig lovely, that is, once you have weaved through the packs of dogs at the car park, avoided the fragrant piles of sun-baked turds and got beyond the bloke testing his retriever by repeatedly kicking a rugby ball into the scrub, beyond the old dear with her plastic catapulty-arm-extension-throwing-thingy, beyond the two people encouraging their four dogs into the lake and, finally, beyond the Alan Partridge-esque bloke stood atop a dune shouting "Buster,... Buster,... Buster,... Buster,... ... ... Buster,... Buster,... Buster,... ... ... Buster!" Really, isn't it lovely. Country parks, amenity grasslands, National Nature Reserves they're all the same thing aren't they?

I'm glad botany is nothing but a black hole of unknowing to me, otherwise I'd have been there for ages.

I'll just stick to the big pretty ones.

Ditto regarding bugs; plenty of these about, also Grass Rivulets all over the place.

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