04 June 2011

Two awful photographs

Apart from a one armed farmer and an unruly sheepdog called Sancho Panza, the four and a half hours at the pools this morning didn't really produce much. There was a notable movement of small gulls with single Mediterranean and Common amongst 60+ Black-headed Gulls; and Marsh Harrier and Peregrine provided a bit of raptor-shaped interest. Apart from that, the 'best' wader was a Little Ringed Plover which flew in and, two minutes later, out again; and the 'best' duck was the crocked(?) male Wigeon.

First-summer Mediterranean Gull drifting in off the estuary, not too many minutes later it was off again having not taken a shine to the Peregrine passing over.

Much more excitement was generated this afternoon by a tweet from the SW suggesting a Red Kite was heading NE,... eyes to the skies,... and,... Shit-ting! (as I believe the youth say).

It might be a scruffy, distant, out of focus Red Kite, but it is my scruffy, distant, out of focus Red Kite garden tick. Grateful thanks to Matt B.

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