20 June 2011

Pixie parasols

Mycena sp. presumably a [something] Bonnet; narrowed it down to probably one of about four species. If anyone knows what it is, feel free to drop me a line, otherwise I'll label it Mycena impossiblensis Lesser Ivory Nipple-bonnet.

PS. Note the photo-bombing thrip(?), little geezer managed to sneak into both pictures (you may have to click on the images to view the larger versions to truly appreciate his cheeky little fizzog).


Beyond My Garden said...

I don't think any book will have a better identification than you. Your name is Idealis perfectus.
When I head out in the woods, fungus makes some of the best surprises.
I plan on looking back over your past entries now that I've found you.

Janet A said...

Your photo-opportunity insect is probably a fungus gnat. They need all the help they can get,