12 August 2011


Slept through the alarm, bolted breakfast, cannon-balled the bypass and rocked up just half an hour the wrong side of the allotted start time. Luckily, the hunchback of Ochrwyth had already got most of the nets up, so I concentrated my efforts on identifying which was the blearier of my eyes and whether indigestion could be life-threatening.

Visible/audible passage was almost non-existent, just a couple of Yellow Wags passed over, the only other 'mentionable' was a Marsh Harrier but, basically, it was just another dose of acro.

The flow of Sedge Warblers continues, although they are mostly juveniles/first-winters,... unlike this one.

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Beyond My Garden said...

Sounds like a typical morning back when I worked 60 hours a week. I really like the usually calm ones I have now. You still got a nice bird photo - even if it looked bleary to you.