07 August 2011

Pray tell me, sir, whose duck are you?

A call duck with a faraway look in his eye, probably due to the fact that he is pondering the maximum amount of information required to perfectly recreate himself down to the quantum level.  I guess, were we able to listen in on his thoughts at the precise time this photo was taken, we would hear something along the lines of,...

"Assuming I have an average weight of 1.5 kg (excluding the post-Xmas bloat) and a volume of 1260 cm3, then my energy (E = m·c2) will be 1.34813·1017 J and, if I were a sphere, then the radius (V = 4·π·r3/3) would be 6.70030·10−2 m. Therefore, the maximum information needed to perfectly describe me down to the quantum level (the Bekenstein bound [I ≤ 2·π·r·E/ħ·c·ln 2]) will be 2.58991·1042 bit, implying my number of different states (Ω=2I) is at most 107.79640·1041,... quack."

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