22 March 2012

Great White Gwent tick

Great White Egret finally flops onto my Gwent list, another one that appears to have only stayed a few hours (last seen heading west).

Very little else at the pools. Boat Lane turned up half a dozen Sand Martins heading north, a Chiffchaff and a rather striking leucistic Wigeon (presumably the same as the bird seen last year by Weekendbirder). And, to round off, Barney has either found a mate, cloned himself or I'm seeing double.

Seems to be a female, you'd think it wouldn't last long sat on a nest with 'camouflage' like that.

Must try to get better photos before she moves on.


Beyond My Garden said...

You need no words today.

Darryl said...

D'oh! Wish you'd said so earlier.