02 March 2012

Oh look, this is where you type the title

A few days in the field this week; up-country it's all singing Skylarks and passing Curlews plus the odd Short-eared Owl feasting on unwary Redwings; down-country it's mainly fog and a dwindling number of waterbirds.

Had a couple of colour-ringed Curlews further up the estuary today,... worth checking any you come across.

[NB. Sightings should be sent directly to Dr. Niall Burton (Head of Wetland & Marine Research at the BTO) at niall.burton@bto.org. In addition to the combination and positions of colour-rings, they would also like date, time and location (ideally a six-figure grid ref.) plus the proportion of colour-ringed birds in any flock, i.e. the numbers of birds colour-ringed and the numbers of birds checked for rings (not necessarily the total flock size).]

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