23 March 2012

Here, there, and back again

Two visits to Goldcliff/Boat Lane sandwiched a trip to Slimbridge, circuits of which in turn sandwiched a roasted vegetable sandwich. Today was just just one big picnic!

One Bar-tailed Godwit, 35 Knot and seven Grey Plover bombed NE over Goldcliff this morning and the Avocet count had risen to 41; this afternoon 20 Black-tailed Godwits and four Ringed Plovers were the only notable waders, not helped by the two fishy-fingered-rod-fiddlers standing on the sea-wall in the area bedecked with 'No access' signs near the new hide. Non-waders included the mighty 'Chinese Goose', three Chiffchaffs and a Cetti's Warbler singing from one of the hedgerows/ditches behind the viewing platform (the first I have heard at Goldcliff for a while). Boat Lane chipped in with the doe-eyed, porcelain-skinned beauty that is the leucistic Wigeon.

A jaunt to Slimbridge to check out the minima Cackling Goose teetered on edge of abject failure as we arrived to find the Canada Goose flock out on the edge of the estuary, despite several parties flying around at various junctures, the little 'un remained unseen. Proceedings were rescued, however, by the female Lesser Scaup and the usual mixture of the sublime [NB. Is it possible to overdose on Falcated Duck? I may have overdosed on Falcated Duck.] and the ridiculous in the collection (see below).

Mallard x Red-crested Pochard? Possibly,... maybe.

Originally on it's own, out in front of 'Robbie Garnett', it then put in an appearance on the 'Back from the brink' pond.

A more-ring-necked-than-Ring-necked-Duck Tufted Duck.

PS. The Slimbridge mini-goose is definitely not the Torr bird, that's still at Torr.

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