07 May 2012

From one extreme...

Two Tufted Ducks and a whole lotta water falling from the sky.

Despite a reasonable height to the tide at Goldcliff (the pill was covered), the variety and number of waders on show was less impressive than yesterday.  In the end, the best bird of a chilly five hour vigil, came from 'team wildfowl' in the form of a snoozing male Garganey.  Didn't set out to do five hours at the pools, but the near biblical precipitation meant the timing of my return to the car was largely out of my control. Luckily, I had planned ahead and, when the clouds finally parted, I was well prepared for the short swim through the ovine-gilded pool 'twixt sea-wall hide and gate, and the slippy-sheep-shitty-slidey-sploshy plod back to civilisation.  To those who doubted whether Speedos and wellies were birding attire, I say, Ha! Ha! I say. As long as you have the figure to carry it off,... obviously; which I do,... obviously.

Minutes after the deluge, sub-tropical conditions at Boat Lane,... returned home with an all over tan.

PS. Should you wish to briefly immerse yourself in the aural experience of being in a hide during the South Walian monsoon season, click here.

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