28 May 2012

"We need a futile gesture at this stage..."

If you're going to perform a virtuoso display of blind optimism, best do it in the dark. A nocturnal foray to Uskmouth, a tip of the hat to this year's national Spotted Crake survey, and the inevitable result of precisely no whip-lashery. Oh well, worth a pop,... possibly.

Not a total waste of effort mind; one reeling Gropper, one pipping and a few squealing Water Rail, three Little Owls, one Whimbrel, one Grey Plover, a couple of Ringed Plover and a flyover LRP all made it into the Notes app.

Newport Power Station from the opposite end of the Uskmouth Lagoons. Due to the vagaries of digital photography, this image doesn't do justice to the acute light pollution issuing from the power station, must ask the Newport 'City' Council planning department for a copy of the comprehensive impact assessment that was undoubtably undertaken before this was unleashed on the neighbouring NNR. Note also the chronic sickly glow emanating from Newport beyond,... lovely.

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