13 January 2013

Up-country, down-country

Started the day with a trip up to Monmouth, Redbrook and Whitebrook. Nothing too exciting along the Wye between the two brooks but at least the woodland alongside chipped in Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and Marsh Tit. Then, it was back towards Monmouth to count the Common Gulls, back home for a late lunch, and then down to Ynys-y-fro to confirm it still isn't a mecca for Goosanders,... it isn't.

Ynys-y-fro does look quite good at the moment though, the lower basin is basically empty and resembles a mini inland estuary. Unfortunately, the only birds attracted in so far are, rather predictably, mini inland waders, sometimes called Pied Wagtails, 25 of which pottered about on the mud. It may produce something more exciting at some point,... especially if the plan to refill it in March is delayed. Let's hope they misplace the plug.

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