19 January 2013

Welcome to the 1000th post

This afternoon's jaunt did nothing to help this landmark blogpost stand out from the usual flow of unpolished turdery on offer here. The snow-flattened reedbeds, etc., at Uskmouth produced: a redhead Goosander heading down-channel towards the mouth of the Usk, 11 Turnstone on the foreshore, 2 Stonechat, decent numbers of Redwing and Song Thrush, a few Water Rail, Snipe, Skylark and Cetti's Warbler, and 2 Bearded Tit dotting about by the centre. Oh, and a rat,...

A frizz Brown Rat on the edge of the saltmarsh wondering why he isn't on some tropical island scoffing endemic seabirds' eggs.

On returning home, and anticipating all manner of congratulatory messages on reaching the milestone of 1000 blogposts, I checked the Gwent Birding electronic mailbox only to find it full to overflowing with two e-mail messages, the first is from a Mrs. Ointment of North Gwent. She informs me that she is now 'on the net' with her first PC. She writes:

Dear Pamela,
Blog wonderful a. For thanks many.
Faithfully yours, (GOS, RSPB, WI) Ointment Margaret Mrs. Qwerty hatstand ^.chilblain.UK
PS Which way does the keyboard go?

The second electronic missive, from a Mr. Rylands of Devon, largely took the form of a screenshot from the NHBS 'Backlist Bargains' sale (see below) and seems to suggest the guys at the aforementioned purveyors of fine natural history literature may rate Gwent almost as highly as I do.



ray said...

Unpolished turdery eh? Well, it is certainly successful unpolished turdery having got the what is an incredible landmark in blogging terms. Mind you, with this iutput level you have no time for turd-polishing I expect. Hwyl fawr, from ray here at the tiny-by-comparison mostlybirdingwithray. Parch !

Si said...

well done , 1000 posts yay ! ( is that what you wanted ? ) Si

Si said...

Congrats .... 1000 Posts yay ! ( is this what you wanted ? , That's a fiver ) Si

Darryl said...

Si, are you a distant relation of Mrs. Ointment's?

Si said...

What Great Aunt Oint ? Fine stand up lady , all her own tooth you know !