29 April 2008

Do my ears deceive me?

Forgot to mention, on Saturday I had a Willow Warbler (or what appeared to be a Willow Warbler, the views obtained didn't allow DNA analysis) singing a mixed Chiffchaff/Willow song. Every now and again it would introduce a 'normal' Willow phrase with pretty classic 'tsilp tsalp' Chiffchaff notes. According to BWP this isn't all that rare. The only mixed singing I've heard before (many moons ago on the lovely Surrey/Hants border) was a Willow that interspersed its normal song phrases with soft 'trett' syllables performed in a typical Chiffchaff rhythm (as often heard from Chiffchaffs in between their normal phrases). Unfortunately, on both occasions, I was lacking any recording gear, might try and refind this latest fella though.

Another two 'did I hear that right?' moments this week came courtesy of Man City. The first was the the announcement today that they have taken a shot-gun and blasted both their feet off (see here); the second, a direct result of the first, was Noel Gallagher talking sense (listen to the snippet embedded in the link above, I particularly like the final remark). Could this be the first season where one manager loses his job despite winning the Premiership/Champions League double and another loses his despite his club having the best season for 20 years? Who said people who have amassed multi-million pound fortunes through nefarious means know nothing about football? As a Liverpool fan, can I just say - nice timing Thaksin, you football genius you (still fighting those corruption charges too, bummer).

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