17 April 2008

Drum roll please

A quick look at Goldcliff pools produced Spotted Redshank, a couple of Greenshank and Ruff. One or two birds were moving up-channel including a few Barwit and Whimbrel plus, most exciting of all [for full effect perform a drum-roll with two rubber-tipped pencils on your desktop at this point] - a Sandwich Tern!

[you can put the pencils down now]

[or the boys can do impressions of Hughie Flint whilst the girls emulate Meg White]

The lovely Meg White, I'd have found a picture of Hughie Flint but he isn't quite as pretty. Mind you, I don't believe Hughie Flint ever cancelled a tour due to "acute anxiety" or became the subject of a bogus internet sex-tape, so they both have their plus and minus points.

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