15 April 2008

Saltmarsh savannah

Migrants noted today, whilst wandering the wide open spaces of the Saltmarsh Grasslands, included: 15 White Wagtail, 2 Wheatear, 2 Reed Warbler, 1 Sedge Warbler, 1 Whimbrel, 1 Greenshank and 1 Spotted Redshank (the latter two presumably having a day out from Goldcliff). Also saw a couple of Hares and the female mostly-Pochard hybrid.

Interesting factoid of the day: did you know there is a hoverfly called the Marmalade Hoverfly? Episyrphus balteatus (click here for a picture) was named by James Keiller, a keen amateur entomologist and the famed inventor of Dundee Marmalade. As a result, ever since 1797, all jars of marmalade have a tiny hoverfly logo stamped on the bottom of the jar.

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