27 April 2008


Spent a few hours mopping up the last of the Cetti's today whilst keeping half an eye on the sky for flyover stilts. No stilts, did manage to bump into two Gwent goodies though. Five or six distant Common Scoter bobbed past on the Severn Sea off Goldcliff (well they looked distant, I suppose they might just have had their minds on something else) and a Marsh Harrier caused havoc over the pools before flopping off westwards. There are still oodles of Wheatears piling in, which is a perfect excuse to use a pic from yesterday so here it is...

Oh, hold on, that's definitely not the picture I was hoping would appear, I s'pose it does have a white arse though. Oh well, you know what a Wheatear looks like, use your imagination, if you have anything like a half-decent imagination, you now have a better image in your head than I had in my camera (everyone's a winner!).

Just checking,... you are thinking of Northern Wheatear aren't you? If not, you now have a much better image in your head than I had in my camera and that is totally unfair so stop it.

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