17 February 2009

Another red-hot Gwent news outlet

Just in case the local readership haven't noticed, the RaSPBerries have now added a 'Recent sightings' page to the Newport Wetlands bit of their website (see here). I daresay your anti-duff gen software will have to be regularly updated to safely surf this site but you never know, it might be worth checking for news of birds seen a week or two ago (it appears to be updated less than once a week). I assume news which deserves more immediate dissemination will be put on the GOS site, by 'assume' I mean 'forlornly hope with little expectation', by 'forlornly hope with little expectation' I mean 'I hope to hell and back in a hand-cart that they would at least tell the CCW staff if anything interesting appeared (given that it is a CCW reserve and all that)', by 'I hope to hell and....' oh,... you get the picture.

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