21 February 2009

On visiting an ex-nature reserve

Uskmouth Country Park was pretty dire today; amidst teenagers riding bikes across floating pontoons, people climbing the viewing blinds, neonates screaming their general disapproval and dogs on invisible leads were a couple of Goldeneye, a couple of Stonchat and very little else. Above the hordes, three Skylark did their level best to hint at spring passage and a Siskin wheezed its way over, heading who knows where.

Ynys-y-fro Res is still locked up, I assume due to the danger of the ice that melted away three weeks ago. Don't get too hot under the collar though as there was bugger all present anyhoo.

Uskmouth Country Park, where men are men and Little Grebes are frightened.

1 comment:

luke said...

Hang on... is that a bittern i see in the background?

No, its just my imagination wondering what might have been there if it weren't for the dog walkers, cyclists, kids, walkers, general public and did i mention dog walkers?