15 September 2009


Couldn't help myself, got to Goldcliff pre-dawn and set about looking for the latest in this autumn's amazing run of megas*. Unfortunately, no flicker. Slightly more surprising, I was the only person down there; surely, however unlikely, the potential risk of missing a mega outweighs the, much much greater likelihood, that it would be a wasted morning. That said, I had to make do with 1 Redstart and 1-2 Reed Warblers in the hedgerows and 3 Wigeon, 3 Spotted Redshank, 1 Green Sandpiper, 4 Greenshank and 30 Snipe on the pools,... should have stayed in bed.

* So far Glossy Ibis, Little Whimbrel, Northern Flicker and Greenish Warbler have all been reported in, or within spitting distance of, Gwent this autumn, amazing huh? It's better than Fairly Vile round here.


Anonymous said...

Suppose that we should be keeping a close watch out in the estuary then over the next few days just in case a small auk flies past!!


Anonymous said...

Think I may have had a funny looking puffin a few days ago past Goldcliff point. It's worth checking out.

Darryl said...

Really Anonymous 10:44? Are you sure?

The only Tufted Puffin I have seen actually looked quite big (possibly due to the colour) and quite long-winged (and was a surprisingly strong flier). A beautiful and extremely characteristic beastie. I bet it is found dead under Tower Bridge.