22 September 2009

Road to nowhere

Carbon dioxide emissions are predicted to fall by 2.6% this year as a direct result of the global economic nose-dive. This is good news in spite of, rather than thanks to, governments' actions. Had it been possible, the grey-suited, shiny-shoed 'elites' from Brasília to Beijing would have avoided this reduction in greenhouse gases in favour of economic activity, a fact that rather flags up a fundamental problem - the hegemony of the Finance Ministers. When do you suppose the second most important job in government will be the Minister for the Environment? At what point will policies have to pass an assessment of climate change/biodiversity impact, as opposed to leap through an economic hoop, before being trumpeted in the manifesto/leaked to the media/announced on YouTube? And, while I'm at it, when will Ed Milliband's job be more about fighting climate change and less about securing energy supplies; and Hilary Benn's more about reversing biodiversity loss as opposed to sucking up to farmers and fishermen?

The nihilist within is sustained by the fact that he doesn't have kids but instead has lovingly nurtured a twisted enjoyment of watching humans suffer. The optimist within is lying in a hospital bed surrounded by grey-faced doctors whilst a figure with a scythe stands in the corner looking at his watch.

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