18 September 2009


Has the proportion of 'in-betweeny' carbo/sinensis cormorants in the UK increased beyond the 10% as per Newson (2000)? During those idle moments, when my attention is drawn to the lovely little fellas, I seem to come across a fair few which I'd suggest are best left unassigned (see below).

Given the vagaries of field observation, the drawing of little white lines on photographs and the holding of one's protractor up to a shiny-shiny Apple screen, at circa 78° this bird is very close, or quite possibly within, the 66-75° overlap zone. Presumably this individual is either at the bottom end of the range of sinensis, a hybrid, or possibly, an immature bird with an, as yet, incompletely developed pouch. Well that's cleared that up then.

PS. Obviously none of the above refers to birds seen in Gwent, that would imply something of ornithological interest occurring within the county, a ridiculous assertion at the best of times.

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