16 February 2010

Flat pack strepera?

A Woodcock erupting from the bottom of a hedge near Avonmouth brightened up a wet-dry-wet-dry morning. Apart from the 'cock, a pile of feathers which were probably once part of a Gadwall, but might just have been the missing pieces of a build-your-own Gadwall, were the only other just notable find.

Took in Wentwood and Ynys-y-fro reservoirs on the way home. Bobbing about on the first, despite some disturbance at the southern end, were a Pochard x Ferruginous Duck hybrid, 36 Pochard and 81 Tufted Duck (including the 'dusky flanked' male,... a hint of Ring-necked Duck genes past?). Tucked in on the eastern bank, a male Mandarin did its level best to avoid detection but, given they look like an explosion in a fireworks factory, didn't prove too hard to pick out. Ynys-y-fro, another site presently the subject of some disturbance, held a female Goldeneye, 18 Pochard and 49 Tufted Duck.

Once home, I realised it was pancake day,... yay!

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