20 February 2010

I blame the RSPB but I don't care any more

Another morning pottering round Magor Marsh turned up the usual: 3-4 Water Rail, 2 Kingfisher, 2-3 singing Cetti's Warbler, another calling, and a smattering of duck.

Much the more entertaining was Hendre Lake this evening. We arrived half an hour before dusk and dutifully stood atop the viewing tump; by the time the Little Egrets were dropping in, a small group of middle-aged Robin-ticklers had gathered and every new bird was causing bins to be raised. Then, after half a dozen or so Little Egrets had dropped in, another Little Egret did the same only, this time, a voice piped-up with "There it is" and the assembled posse watched this Little Egret fly across, turn not more than 50m in front of their bins (in a very Little Egret-like fashion), and drop into the island looking remarkably similar to each of the Little Egrets that had done so not minutes earlier. Then, having seen this Little Egret, almost everybody promptly left, happy as a pig with two tails or a dog in shit (whichever you prefer). I didn't like to say anything, in fact, I didn't really see the point, they were happy.

The Great White Egret flopped in 10 minutes later; also had 1-2 Cetti's Warbler, 2-3 Water Rail and 3 Snipe, no sign of the Bittern though.

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Weekend Birder said...

We had a nice couple at goldcliff this morning ask if the flock of spoonbills were about.Then as they passed through the gate by the car park the husband said to his wife something like what a lovely nice well built gate this is.Which she replied something like yes its stunning and well made too.Each to there own but it was funny at the time.