07 February 2010

Hold the bat-mobile

Just as I was about to exit, gun the bat-mobile towards Newport and seek out the fugitive parakeet, my interest was peaked by the scurrying of the kitchen oompa-loompas,... uh-oh, cake bakery occurring.

Lickings, parakeet, lickings, parakeet, lickings, parakeet, lickings, parakeet, lickings,...

The finished articles.

Deconstructing the alchemy,... I feel so sick.

Didn't actually get as far as the parrot. Not sure I'm capable of any rapid movement just now, think I'll just lay down and listen to the footie.


Jaffa said...

They look bloody good! Maybe you'll have some for the 18th??

Lee Dingain said...

Rachel and I think these look great and bet there's none left. Check out Rachel's baking blog - http://rawbaking.blogspot.com/

Darryl said...

Lee, just found your blog, I'll add it to my links and, obviously, 'raw baking' in my non-birding links :-)

Food and birding covered, just need to sneak sleeping and cricket in somewhere and I've got all my favourites covered.

Lee Dingain said...

Thanks Darryl, much appreciated. I thought I would give blogging a go - it's a good way to see what everyone is up to if nothing else. Rachel is getting quite a bit of interest in her blog and some cake orders, but with all this baking going on I'm having to run longer distances.