03 August 2010

Overheard at Uskmouth

Ignorant munter with a face like a slapped John Dory:
"This is ridiculous, why do they let the reeds grow so high? We have driven all the way down here, walked around all afternoon and seen absolutely nothing."
I see the RSPB's attempts to turn the Newport masses into eco-warriors is going well.

PS. Perhaps somebody could explain the installation of a large, purple, concrete dragon next to the lighthouse. I can see the relevance of metal Bittern and Water Rail sculptures; I can even see the, albeit limited, benefit of bits of a large wooden dragonfly strewn about the place, but a cheap cartoonesque concrete dragon? What the fucking-fuckety-fuck-fuck is that doing on a NNR?

[Addendum: the dragon is fibreglass (only the plinth is concrete) and it is part of a "unique, world-class art event",... no, really it is. For more information see here,... interestingly they're not Welsh dragons, they're Polish (cue Daily Mail-esque rant, "These Polish dragons, they come over here, steal our dragons jobs,...")]

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