13 August 2010

Wiht unhælo, grim ond grædig

A wind-curtailed morning's ringing ended with a respectable total of 130+ birds, the majority of which were Sedge. Overhead, a couple or three Tree Pipits headed west and a Green Sandpiper batted back and fore but that was about it.

Having said that, anything pottering over at height and giving anything but the most strident of flight calls would have been drowned out by the near constant wheezing and gasping of the new red-eyed, steam belching power station. I assume the current level of noise is only a temporary phase during construction, if not I'm going to have to don my shining armour, unsheath my blade and go slay the damn thing.

"Com on wanre niht scriðan sceadugenga" [...] "ða se gæst ongan gledum spiwan",...

[Note to squire/page: I think my sword needs an MOT, could you pop it down to Kwik Smith's? Oh, and when it comes back, check they've annealed it in venom and tempered it with blood will you? Last time they forgot, ta.]

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