23 August 2010

Windy, getting windier

Spent the day ploughing an ornithological furrow along the seawall at Oldbury. Got well and truly 'hoyed on' not long after arrival and spent the following five hours squelching one's way to Trenchfootsville. Three adult Arctic Terns moving steadily down-channel were the highlight, well, that and the calf being born at the side of the seawall,... he arrived mid downpour in the teeth of a force five south-westerly,... welcome to the world little moo-cow, I'd like to say it can't get any worse but, for you my little black and white bovine buddy, I think it just might.

PS. Wednesday's Cornish pelagic has been cancelled due to inclement weather :(
PPS. Thursday is looking very promising for a seawatch,... hmmm :)

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