30 August 2010

They shoot (again),... they score!

There we were, well into August injury time, teetering on the very edge of a trophy-less Aquatic season, just time for one last speculative effort and,...

Ker-ching,... my thumb, Gwent's ornitho-glitterati and, somewhere between the two, a streaky, IUCN Red Listed warbler. Thank Gosh I had my Box Brownie to hand to record the momentous event.

Back-up to the biggy was provided by a Hobby dashing westwards, 14 Lapwing and 70 Black-tailed Godwit shifted about by the tide, 4 Collared Dove, 6 Tree Pipit, 1 Yellow Wagtail and 2 Grey Wagtail all heading high to the west, and 1-2 Grasshopper Warbler and a UK Sedge Warbler control (i.e. the fruit of another ringer's pliers) in the reedbed.

Hopefully, one of the lucky few, who were within a dash of the ringing site, will provide a better image of the bird at some point, they might even let me post it on here,... stay tuned,...

That's better,... a decent image of today's Aquatic Warbler c/o Weekend Birder. Whilst recent surveys have resulted in significantly increased population estimates, this is still a pissing rare bird (see here for more information).

Narrow, clear-cut central crown-stripe? Contrasting straw-coloured mantle with broad blackish shaft streaks? Open-faced impression due to pale lores? Sandy uppertail-coverts and rump with blackish shaft streaks? It's Aquatic o'clock.

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