28 February 2012

The last lap

Probably the sighting of the trip, two nights of 'moderate' (KP 3-4) aurora. This view was accompanied by intermittently calling Whooper Swans,... nice. [NB. This is a composite image, the aurora only needed half the shutter speed the island in Paatsjoki required.]

Probably bird of the trip,... what a little b-e-a-uty. [Apologies for the less than subliminal message.]

The road to Nellim. Driving on snow is sooooo fun, basically Super G in a VW Golf. Word to the wise though, don't be too polite and move over too far on meeting fast-moving, oncoming traffic in the dark; there is a steep drop at the edge of the road surface; the snow-filled ditches are surprisingly deep; the world looks funny at a 45° angle; and excavating your car from the snowdrift, trying to push it out, realising it's on the sump, awaiting a tow and paying the JCB tractor driver €50 to remedy the situation is probably only entertaining once per holiday,... but the driving is sooooo fun.

The slightly Willow Grouse heavy display at Ivalo airport, the birds I saw showed very well,... but not quite this well.

Whiter than white,... even whiter than Ptarmigan,... just.

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