11 February 2012

Penny Lane?

Today Pen-y-lan produced male Goshawk causing consternation amongst the corvids, a female Merlin doing the same to the smaller passerines, and an out of place Kingfisher. The latter briefly adorned roadside telegraph wires before skimming off due south, straight across the fields at the usual Alcedo altitude, all of four feet off the ground. As we were ringing we didn't cover much ground but still managed reasonable totals of the farmland species, minimum counts being: Stock Dove 30, Skylark 300, Chaffinch 150, Linnet 30, Yellowhammer 10, Reed Bunting 20.

Despite a huge input of time, effort and tears we only managed to catch a handful of Skylark,... emphasis on 'a' rather than 'handful',... i.e.,... one.

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