19 February 2012

Where to watch Yellowthroats in Rhiwderin

Not sure this is going to really be that helpful, but, for those twitching the bird this week when the number of birders on site might be rather low, the map below (click on it for the full-sized version) gives you a couple of pointers as to where to search. Personally, I'd start with the hashed central hedge and go from there. The bird can be very skulky, rarely gets more than a few feet off the deck and does move around a fair bit. On the plus side, at times, it will remain in an area for a while and calls a fair bit (a call that Mr. Dunne describes as 'tcheh', 'chhh' or 'tidge'). Good luck all.


Wanstead Birder said...

Hi, I went on Sat and eventually got a good view. I thanked only one of two guys on the scene when I left, think the other may have drowned. If he is still alive, please pass on my thanks. Despite the weather we had a great day. And good work on all the maps and other stuff.

Darryl said...

Cheers, I'll pass on your comment.