12 February 2012

Same survey, different site

The final visit of the Great Gwentish Goosander Survey, or whatever it's called, took place this afternoon. A tactical substitution meant I side-stepped Ynys-y-Fro and headed to Llandegfedd. The change of venue instantly paid off in the form of a skittish Slavonian Grebe; found an hour or two earlier, it still appeared to be getting its bearings as it performed a large circuit of the reservoir before ending up back at the dam end. Whilst we clocked, what transpired to be, a disappointing number of Goosander the interest was maintained by other Llandegfedd megas including Iceland Gull (just one adult, although the gulls came in late so other birds may have been missed), Oystercatcher, Woodcock and a flyover Golden Plover.

You can see they are rare, I've taken awful photos of them,...

Mid reservoir Slav deciding on whether to roost with the larid.

One of three 'good' Llandegfedd waders noted this evening.

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