28 September 2012

Another joke,... or two

Spent most of the morning totting up common migrants passing overhead and searching through tit flocks for something more interesting. Well, apart from 15 Blackcap and 20+ Chiffchaff, the tit flocks remained resolutely titty. This wasn't a total washout, as a flock just north of the shelter belt at Uskmouth did include Coal Tit which is borderline scarce on the patch.

Ugly little buggers aren't they.

Overhead, Swallows out-numbered everything else by some margin and I ended up with a minimum of 800, all heading east, at various heights from 'way up there' to 'just missed ya'. The next most numerous was Meadow Pipit but they mostly consisted of two flocks quite content to flit about at the southern end of Saltmarsh/Farmfield Lanes with very few actually heading anywhere in a hurry.  The rest of the poor showing consisted of four Skylark, three alba wagtails, 17 Siskin and two (presumably Lesser) Redpoll.  Pret-ty slooow.

Evil stare, razor sharp bill - natural born killers.

Of course, in contrast to my slooow morning, this afternoon, somebody (who has yet to step forward and accept the plaudits) had a very exciting afternoon when they 'found' two (!! [has there ever been a multiple occurrence?]) Wilson's Phalaropes (!!!) at Goldcliff Pools (!!!!). Luckily they popped the news on Birdguides, who put it out minus the customary 'a report of ...' (!), which was then picked up by RBA (customary 'a report of ...' reinstated), which resulted in me getting a phone call just as I was leaving the house for a bomb round the back on my bike.  However, not feeling the need to go and re-identify a couple of swimming Spotted Redshanks, I jumped aboard my off-road velocipede and carried on regardless.  

Knock knock
Who's there?
I Dunnop
I Dunnop who?


Alan Tilmouth said...

Two at Lough Beg 21-22 September 1997; two at Tacumshin 13-20 September 1980 and three at Belfast BP Reclamation Pools 8th September 1980...

Darryl said...

If ever there was a comment worthy of VG *gold star* that was it.

I, on the other hand, should probably put more effort into my homework. C- must try harder.

Alan Tilmouth said...

I'll look forward to receiving it in the post..just a shame these two appear not to have been pucker