08 September 2012

That's filled a gap

Just as I was on my way out the door, news of Buff-breasted Sandpiper at Goldcliff came crackling though the ether. A nifty little diversion and heavy mental suppression of the cynical 'it'll be a Ruff' voice in my head and,... ter-tick! Had to wait almost exactly 12 years to get this back. The Gwent list leaps forth.

The smart little fellow briefly alighted on the hideward side of the lagoon, and stayed just long enough for a gawd awful photograph to be bagged. 

And an even less good flight shot.

Then it was back to Plan A, which mainly included counting brightly coloured flying things beyond Gwent's boundaries, beyond Wales' boundaries actually.

Flipping sun went in for all of ten minutes this afternoon, coinciding with the ten minutes I was pointing my camera at this fella.  Kind of takes the glint from his eye,... the very reddish glint.


Valley Naturalist said...

Jeepers Darryl forget the sandpiper, the damselfly looks like small red eyed. Must be first county record!!

Steve Williams

Darryl said...

It is and it would be but, unfortunately, him and all his mates were "... beyond Gwent's boundaries, beyond Wales' boundaries actually."

There are plenty just across the estuary.

Weren't the Penclacwydd ones in August the first for Wales?

Valley Naturalist said...

Oops! so excited about the SRED image I didn't digest your text.

Darryl said...

Can't be long before they rock up in Gwent, my money would be on St. Pierre Lake or Magor Marsh.

Clive Ellis said...

Aldis waste ground at Wentloog,22pence on the nose.