29 September 2012

Phantom phalarope(s)

Dear 'phalarope' spotters,

If you don't know what a Wilson's Phalarope looks like or, for that matter, can't remember the salient features of a Spotted Redshank, why not try reeling your necks in and not claiming one, two, or any number of them at Goldcliff for the time being. Why not pop along to the RaSPBerry tea-room and enjoy a coffee and cake whilst cooing at the pretty Mute Swans outside the window instead. It really will be much better for all concerned.

If identifying rare birds isn't your strong point, please don't claim something outrageously rare before getting somebody who is accomplished at identifying rare birds to check it out first. Or maybe, before waltzing round claiming the Wilson's Phalarope is showing well, and certainly before informing the bird information services of said 'Wilson's Phalarope', why not open your field guide and work out what a Wilson's Phalarope should actually look like [What? You don't have a field guide? Well try this one. The RSPB sell them too].

[NB. We would like to apologise to regular readers but the paragraph formerly occupying this space imploded under the sheer weight of vitriol and obscenities included therein. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. In the mean time,... Mr. Conway Twitty.]



Oh, there you are, a mug of Horlicks and enough horse sedatives to stop the the 4th and 13th Light Dragoons, the 17th Lancers and the 8th and 11th Hussars please.

Thank you.


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I went along too. Very cheesed off. Should have known better. http://randonsramblings.blogspot.co.uk/