19 September 2012

Basso scono loco


Currently caught in a terrifying scone vortex which goes something like this.

Makes some scones, buys a tub of clotted cream and jar of strawberry jam,... polishes off scones. Oh no! There's some clotted cream left. Makes more scones,... finishes clotted cream. Oh no! There are some scones left, buys more clotted cream,... finishes scones. Oh no! There's some clotted cream left,... ad infinitum,...

At some point the jam will run out and I'll spin off into a parallel living hell involving apricot conserve. 



Jaffa said...

I truly sympathise with the Cream Tea Vortex that you find yourself in. However, my main concern is the lack of jam on those scones!

Darryl said...

I thought the cream to jam ratio had to be 2:1(?).