17 April 2010

[enter title with pun including 'lark', 'larks' or 'larking' here]

A windless dawn on the top of mini mountain Maen is, just about, as good as it's ever going to get around here for recording Skylark song. Having worked out a half-decent strategy, I did alright with three of the more cooperative males. A pair of Wheatear were also knocking around and both Crossbill and Lesser Redpoll put in 'flyover' appearances.

Shot down to Goldcliff for high tide and joined the throng on the sea-wall. Most of what was on show were yesterday's leftovers (Bar-tailed Godwits, Spotted Redshank, Ruff, etc.) but the Whimbrel had increased to at least a dozen and Wheatear (2-3) and Swallow (15+) were also up on Friday. A few duck are still about with seven Wigeon offshore, 20+ Shoveler, a pair of Pintail and a fair few Gadwall and Teal hanging around.

Also year-ticked Holly Blue and Large White whilst stood waiting on a flyby raptor that never appeared.

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