04 April 2010

Happy birthday chocolate

As it is Easter and we are all celebrating the day that Jesus' good friend Mr. Cadbury invented chocolate, I thought I'd stick a few pictures of pretty flowers from Andalucia on here as an intimation of peace and goodwill to all (well, I say 'all'; again with due regard to the time of year, perhaps that should have been "... an intimation of peace and goodwill to all bar those I'd rather see crucified).

Sawfly Orchid Ophrys tenthrenidifera

Mirror Orchid Ophrys speculum

Yellow Ophrys Ophrys lutea

By the way, my botany is about as good as a chocolate toothbrush so feel free to correct my identification of the above should you know better.

PS. A quick dash along the sea-wall between Peterstone Church and the golf club produced a couple of Swallows heading inland, a Willow Warbler and a few Chiffchaffs.

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