25 April 2010

That bloke off the telly

The Saltmarsh/Farmfield/'green' triumvirate of NWR lanes produced four Groppers, a Cuckoo and a few Whimbrel this morning. Having spoken to a few others, it sounds like there may have been as many as 10 Groppers between Saltmarsh Lane and the western end of the reserve today,... the magic of a decent bit of overnight weather. The only other highlight was close views of Mike Dilger (aka 'that-cheery-northern-bloke-who-does-the-wildlife-bits-on-The-One-Show',... still none the wiser? See pic here,... oh no wait,... here).

The/a male Garganey is still/was present at Goldcliff. The best of the waders included the Spotted Redshank, a dozen Whimbrel and a colour-ringed Black-tailed Godwit. A couple each of Red-legged Partridge, Rock Pipit and Wheatear, and more views of Mr. Dilger were the best of the rest.

On the way back Boat Lane produced a fly through Hobby plus Bar-headed and Barnacle Goose; and 5+ Swift were whizzing about over the Stone of Roger (who was Roger and what was so special about his stone?).

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