02 April 2010

Post-trip hangover

Spent the morning avoiding the weather and wondering why it is that, despite using Johnson & Johnson "No more tears" shampoo to a point of almost religious devotion, every time I visit the GOS sightings page I still wanna blub. Spent the afternoon oscillating between plotting the untimely demise of every human within a ten mile radius and longing for the sound of a creaking rope. This evening I have been fleshing out a plan for declaring my house and garden an independent super-power (I'm gonna have me a mine field and everything) just need to get it past a popular vote, me and the goldfish see eye-to-eye on this one, I think Jack's on board, not sure of 'She-who-must-be-given-the-impression-she-is-being-obeyed' (do I need a unanimous victory on this one or will a simple majority do?). I may never set foot in Gwent again.

Another full and productive day.

PS. May have OD'ed on Family Guy this evening,... giggidy.

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