05 April 2010

Feeding the ducks

Next time some dingbat asks me "What is your favourite bird?" I'm gonna say Red-breasted Goose, if they say "... birds?" (plural) I think I'll stick with the tried and tested "Brown Boobies".

Had a day at Slimbridge today, lots of Chiffchaff all over the shop but highlights were: an Otter in the top of a tree, a nutter and his carrier bag full of sliced white, being asked if I was "Waiting on a sausage" by a waitress (?!), and up-ending my bag of corn into my jacket pocket.

PS. Why are they wasting money on a Crane captive breeding programme? What is it with the 'conservation' bodies and big birds? Some of these reintroduction projects (Crane, Great Bustard, etc.) are totally pointless.

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