08 January 2009

ECB bonkers? Or KP nuts?

This might just be the last straw, the world has gone flipping mad. No, it's not the flagrant disregard of international law currently underway in Gaza; it's not even the fact that Gwent actually has a few sub-rarities knocking around (albeit all of the same, housewife's favourite-type species); it's the bloody cricket! What the ferkin merkin is going on? KP and Moores can't stand each other so the ECB send both to the naughty step. And just as I was starting to entertain thoughts of us getting the Ashes back. I think I might start a 'Blowers for coach' campaign.

One little flicker of good sports news mind, Ronaldo stuffed his £200,000 Ferrari into the tunnel wall at Manchester Airport today,... diddums.

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