28 January 2009

Let's be serious for a moment

The proposed shortlist of Severn estuary energy schemes was announced on Monday. Unfortunately, the government are already attempting to rule out the tidal stream and tidal reef/fence options (potentially the least damaging) on engineering grounds; no scheme has been ruled out on ecological grounds. As per usual, it would appear engineering/economic/business concerns are being afforded more weight than the ecological/environmental issues.

The public consultation exercise runs until 23rd April and consultation responses can be filled out online here, make sure you have your say.

The initial responses of the major conservation bodies are listed below for your information (just click on the name):



The Wildlife Trusts


Personally, I think a 'green energy' scheme is inevitable but a barrage is going to completely fuck the estuary (that's a technical ecological term btw) and will be used by the likes of the Welsh Assembly, local planners, 'developers' and poxy little local business consortiums to further purely economic (and unsustainable) goals such as: 1. a "golden triangle" of development between Cardiff, Bristol and Brean; 2. another road bridge across the Severn; and 3. a significantly expanded Cardiff Airport.

Like I say, wherever you live (this is an internationally important site), have your say now and at every future stage of the process. I'm sure your MP, MEP, AM and local councillor would also like to hear your views too.


Anonymous said...

Might as well forget the Severn for birds I think if any of the more preferred options get the go ahead. Even if they go down the route of the tidal lagoons, that will totally bugger the gwent side of the estuary up as well. I've just seen the scale of them!!


Darryl said...

There will certainly be a pretty damn significant impact to all the options on the shortlist, one of the reasons to comment on the schemes which the government are already trying to exclude from the running - a tidal fence/reef should have the least impact but they want to rule it out on engineering/technology grounds.

Anonymous said...

Lets get on with the scheme, far better than covering the Welsh uplands in windturbines that wont work at least 75% of the time