24 January 2009

Is it all a dream?

By the time I got to Goldcliff, the Glaucous Gull was parading up and down the far bank of the first lagoon, all very nice, if not the crippling views experienced earlier. A third Gwent tick in as many weeks, outrageous! I have two competing (though not mutually exclusive) theories for this unprecedented run of good(ish) birds: 1. we are using up all our 'good bird credit' in January and the rest of 2009 will break records for ornithological turgidity; or 2. I am actually laying on an intensive care ward in a boredom induced coma and what I am experiencing as half decent birding in Gwent is just a complex neurological reaction to the drugs they are giving me in a valiant attempt to bring me round (a la 'Life on Mars'). Only time will tell which is true,... stay tuned for the next gripping installment...

Pesky gull kept gettting in the way of my cutting edge Lapwing photography.

How to miss seeing a Glaucous Gull fly over your heads by counting Snipe on the back lagoon.

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