31 January 2009

Winged beasts

Not a lot doing this afternoon; a few Blackcaps at Redwick were followed by a couple of Pegs, a couple of Stonechat, a few Snipe and a Cetti's at Magor Pill. All told, it was pretty dire on the bird front. Luckily, I did see a big bloaty dead cow and a communist angel. Unluckily, the photo of the big dead bloaty cow came out crap, so...

NB 1. Please note the angels down-at-the-mouth demeanor, this is common among angels as they live with the terrible irony that, whilst they possess wings, they can't actually fly, lacking, as they do, a sternum and an appropriate flight muscle bulk to enable a large, solid-boned biped to fly. In fact, strangely, they totally lack the anatomical architecture, as supplied by evolution to other flying organisms, to fly. If only they had believed in Darwin.
NB 2. For this particular angel, the tale is sadder still. Close inspection of the neck region shows a rather large amount of repair work which had to be undertaken after the poor chap/chappess/he-she (does angel sexuality confuse anyone else?) attempted to hang themselves (the damage was blamed on local youths but we know the truth).

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