18 January 2009

The right duck

A quick visit to Goldcliff turned up the Green-winged Teal on the back of the 1st lagoon. At first sleeping on the far edge, it soon woke and proceeded to join in with a small group of 'normal' Teal displaying to any passing female that would stop to watch,... bad boy, dirty boy, to your room!

The Ring-billed Gull was missing from Lamby and the Lesser Scaup evaded detection at Cardiff Bay (though Slavonian Grebe, Greater Scaup, Goosander and Chiffchaff did show); the Cosmeston Bearded Tit wasn't so coy and, as per, paraded around like the little attention whore it is.

Lesser, Common and Arctic Redpoll showed spiffingly at Cardiff Museum, albeit rather stiffly in boxes with neat little labels attached, but they did show.

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