10 January 2009


Left the house meaning to mop up the Waxwings and then potter down the Usk valley. The Waxwings were just settling in the Spindle as we arrived and proceeded to show rather nicely. As we shaped to leave, the magic of the mobile phone piped news of a flock of Woodlark straight from Mr Jerry Lewis Esq. to the very inside of the car I was sat in, isn't modern technology amazing! Half an hour later we were at the site but it took another 45 minutes before we found the flock; it's a big field and they are quite skulky little buggers, nice though and a Gwent tick too.


Dave Lewis said...

I visited Wales fr the first time a year ago. My dad was born there and I've always wanted to go.
We went birding through England with a bird friend we met in Panama. He was kind enough to take us to Wales for a day. What a great country...I had to learn how to speak 'English' quickly(tough for a Yank!)
It's nice to find a site with a Welsh birder
Dave Lewis

Darryl said...

Sorry to disappoint Dave, I'm afraid this is a site of an English birder living in Wales. A subtle but significant difference :-)

The easiest way to tell is that, when I ramble on about sports, I'll refer to games involving normal-shaped balls (cricket, proper football, etc.), a Welsh birder would almost certainly talk about egg-chasing (i.e. rugby).