26 August 2006

Goldcliff again

A trip to the pools for the reported Wood Sand also produced a smart juv Marsh Harrier - very nice. The supporting cast included Spotshanks, Ruff, Yellow Wag and Wheatear; at last, birds are on the move again. Down at Uskmouth the main interest came in the form of at least 20 Clouded Yellow butterflies, the only bird of note being another Yellow Wag.

Having totted up my total, something I haven't done of late, it would appear I have reached 163. Given some of the species still required, 175 is still well in the frame.

20 August 2006


Another wader falls; three Spotted Redshanks at Goldcliff this afternoon, unfortunately not accompanied by Wood Sand, Curlew Sand, Little Stint or any Yankee vagrants.

15 August 2006

Back in the game!

Far too much work and not enough play recently. But today I'm back in the game with a bang, well at least a pop...

Or two! The Aquatic Warbler at Uskmouth (ringed,... released,... evaporated...) is Gwent's 11th and the Red-necked Phalarope is only the 4th county record. I think I can confidently say, I'm the first person to have bagged both in a day in Gwent (not the greatest of claims, but that's what birding in Gwent does to you).