20 August 2007

Just out of county

A four day weekend, just over the border in Powys, produced Kingfisher, Tawny Owl and White-letter Hairstreak. Pretty poor really, did bag a few photos of the locals though,...

The Gentle Good was a little flighty and evaded the camera (though was heard to sing in Welsh, English and Spanish! And the Dawel Disgyn EP rocks,... well 'folks'); Indigo Moss and Tunng showed very well.

The school disco was very red, then blue, then green, then back to red, etc., etc. I particularly enjoyed the gaps between the records being played. Next day came the late (due to technical difficulties) great Emmy the Great.

What is a 'vetiver'? This is a Vetiver,... and a muddy tent.

Pete Molinari, one man, one guitar and six strings. Seasick Steve, one man, three guitars and between nine and fifteen strings,... It's all good.

Herman Dune minus Andre, but really really good nonetheless; and Stephen Malkmus mit The Jicks, Kasabian slayers one and all.

13 August 2007

More phone pics

Hold on,.. that's not a bird,... and neither is that! Er,... giant (and piggin' expensive) puppy strikes a blow for the get freight off the road campaign.

06 August 2007

Relocation, relocation, relocation?

Same bird as the invisible individual at Usk Reservoir? Who knows? Note to self: next time remember camera, phone-scoping is fun but ultimately rather disappointing, you can see what it is though!