07 November 2013

Lunchtime cutie

A pre-lunch tweet from the Newport Wetland Reserve's "resident expert" [Don't blame me, that's what it says here] put in train the usual febrile chain of events that, via a rapid passage through a speed smeared landscape (complete with the scootage of roundabouts and the emergency application of the amber light rule*), soon saw one applying the brakes at the location of a nice new shiny bird for one's Gwent list. And it looked a bit like this,...

A rather attractive male Penduline Tit in the sun, the first to have knowingly graced a Gwentish Bulrush.

A rather attractive male Penduline Tit in the gloom. It's in there,... somewhere.

* The amber light rule: every light on a standard UK traffic light is amber or immediately adjacent to amber and, under emergency conditions and by applying the undeniable truth that you can only be 'one colour out', can be treated as amber.